Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ron Robison is a coward

According to Gregg Drinnan's sources,

“for the first time in WHL history,” at least to his knowledge, the news conference that has in past seasons preceded the WHL’s championship final “has been cancelled.”

Unbelievable.  If you are comfortable at all with the hammer you chose to swing, then you just simply go about your business.  Does he fear for his safety?  We are talking about a routine press conference, which no one attends anyway.  Perhaps a finals presser in Portland is unknown territory - something that's never been done before or something - although it seems like we've had pressers in the Rose Garden...

Is it possible for WHL officials to be in Portland and escape unscathed?  Seems plausible to me.

By my amateur math, there's a 50% chance that Portland wins the Ed Chynoweth trophy, as well as a 50% chance that its won on Portland ice - is that ceremony canceled as well?  

A writer in Portland that I read said: 
it wouldn't be that tough to say "We can't comment on the matter"

"...unless we're talking to Jon Keen or Team 1260 or someone else who'll kiss my ass"

I've touched on the 1260 matter before.

It seems to me that if the court of public opinion mattered at all, Robison has just submitted a guilty plea in the name of the WHL.  Fortunately for him, he's the sheriff around here - and it doesn't matter what his credibility looks like to anyone but himself.

Stay classy, Robison.

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  1. Amen! Shows the lack of character in that WHL office. Luckily our Hawks have more class and integrity than the "adults" that run this league. Shameful and disrespectful not only to Portland, but either Calgary or Edmonton.