Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ron Robison showed up

I called him a coward when all indications were that the WHL was simply not going to have their Finals opening press conference - the one that they do every year.  Well, he showed up.  That's about all he did.

Kerry Eggers:
The commissioner's annual press conference prior to the opener of the WHL finals was the Portland media's first crack at Robison since he laid down by far the stiffest penalties in the league's 47-year history back in November.
To his credit, I guess, Robison accepted each and every query, virtually all in reference to the sanctions.
Didn't really answer hardly a one.
His lips moved, but I kept hearing programmed sound bites that never took care of the multitude of mysteries that remain unanswered in the Great Scalping of the Hawks.

You should really read that whole piece.

Edmonton Sun:

Part of the issue the media in Portland had a problem with, was Robison's refusal to facilitate interview requests when the sanctions came down.
Friday was the first time he spoke on the matter with the Portland media.
"We issued two separate releases on the matter, we felt that was the fairest way to do it," Robison said. "We didn't feel there was any need for further comment. We deal with sanctions on a regular basis and we issued a statement on these due to the severity of the sanctions."

Edmonton Journal

On the refusal of multiple media requests of the league for a copy of the violations 
“The regulations are internal. The information I think has been very clear that there was violations.”
Follow question: Are they not written down? 
“Of course they’re written down in the regulations, absolutely.”
Follow question: But you will not furnish those? 
“That information was not provided to the club but it’s for internal purposes only.

 Jess Rubenstein commented on that Journal piece:
 "Damming"? No because the entire way the WHL is handling this is just making matters worse for themselves. If the Winterhawks are as guilty as the WHL wants people to believe then why not show chapter and verse of the rules violations.

If you are a Portland Winterhawk fan and you are told that your team broke the rules but yet the WHL doesn't want to clearly identify which rules then of course you are going to be upset.

How are the Winterhawks supposed to convince the City of Portland that they are going to remain competitive enough to get them to fix up the Veterans Memorial Coliseum?

Asking the WHL to just detail why the team broke the rules might do a lot of good in giving the fans a reason to stick around over the next couple of years while the Winterhawks are stripped to the bone.

And quite honestly if paying for a family to visit their son when they otherwise could not afford to is against the rules then it's a stupid rule. Not every family can afford to visit a son living so far from home.

The wall of silence isn't helping this matter find closure but if anything this won't go away as now expect to see more accusations of other teams cheating.

Samantha Meese:
We understand after yesterday's news conference that you have no intention of changing your stance about this team. Neither do we. We love the Winterhawks and they will always be beautiful to us. Ditto for their head coach and GM. Not only that, right now we are busy deciding how to welcome our newest draft picks to town. We don't care if they were drafted 220th, Mike Johnston and his staff can make any player great, with or without cell phones and plane tickets. So, thanks, we'll take those picks and Mike, etc. will turn them into superstars.

Mr Robison, that was the least you could do.  Literally, the very least.  I suppose its the least I can do to take this opportunity to congratulate you on doing your job.  Perhaps you should be held up as an inspiration for all of us to find a way to do the bare minimum at work, with the whole world knowing it.

A platform like this one wouldn't be very useful if I just posted "NO COMMENT" over and over, now would it?


  1. Hi... I've got tix to game 5 behind the oil kings bench, maybe even far enough over to be behind the tv guy who's between the benches. I'm looking for some images to hold up on the glass while he's on tv and your cowardly lion image is perfect. Mind if I use it?

  2. I stole it from here:

    not sure how well your plan will work - it might be good to label it