Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Everett V Portland - game 6 / series recap

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Andy Kemper camreaphone shot

Mostly this series occurred as planned, aside from real strong efforts from Austin Lotz & 6 goals from Josh Winquist - combined with some defensive breakdowns & bouncing pucks on the 'Hawks behalf.

Mac Carruth ended up going 2.42 GAA / .865 SV% in the series - vastly different from the franchise record 2.06 / .929 he put up in the regular season.  You always hear goalies talk about how they like to get work - they want shots.  Not rebounds, 3rd chance plays, screens, tips, etc - but they want to feel the puck.  They want to make saves.

These are the period by period shot totals for the 'Tips:
Game 1:  9  13  9
Game 2:  3  1   7
Game 3:  4  2   7
Game 4:  7  7  9
Game 5:  9  4  5
Game 6:  8  4  1   
Out of 18 periods of hockey in this series, Carruth saw no more than 13 shots in any of them, and only 1 shot in two of them.  I already touched on this, the game winning goal in game 5 occurred in a 4 shot period, where the shot that beat him came on a clear cut, shorthanded breakaway.  That HAS to be tough on any goaltender to have that kind of workload.

Should be interesting to see how Carruth's workload settles out in the 2nd round, and how he responds.

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