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Spokane V Portland: game 1



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This series looks to be fun.  Spokane is a serious team, and had 44 wins this year.  Of course, only 2 of them were against the 'Hawks, which is a trend that hopefully continues.

Out of 7 wins in 9 games, like most of us, I tend to remember the  Spokane win on our ice - although the way it ended up was fun.  Right now, I'm the same way about this game, in that the Chiefs came hard for a brief period of the 1st, and that sequence sticks in the mind as evidence of what they are capable of.

In my head - I sure remembered that sequence as being longer than it probably was.  When the Chiefs were getting clean shots through, Caruuth was equal to the task.  Its hard to see on the highlight package, but on the 1st Spokane goal that pass is partially blocked - with the puck dropping right on to a Chief stick, and into the back of the net.

On the second Spokane goal, to me that's an argument for the goalie playing the puck, rather than not playing the puck.  Would you rather have the goalie lurk in the crease and take his chances with a guy picking up the puck in the corner with his options wide open?

Those 'Hawks goals:  2nd & 3rd chance goals all night - until the Pouilot "Bobby Orr" & Ty Rattie PPG's happened.  Scooter touched on this, as those greasy, rebound goals are what you need to get good at this time of year.  The 'Hawks looked good at this type of scoring, even with Spokane being well trained defensively.  

It sure was nice to blow it open in the 3rd - regardless of dudes running around trying to find a spark.

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