Friday, October 4, 2013

WHL: Redneck League

The Winterhawks played a game on Wednesday, the 2nd of October.  I'm writing this prior to the game on Friday, the 4th of October.  Apparently, the league looked at a hit that Keegan Iverson threw in the last game, and felt its worthy of some sort of suspension.

Sometimes that happens - guys get supplemental discipline.   There is a place for listing said discipline - and there's nothing on there from that game.  I proposed that there must be some reason that the league hasn't got around to announcing this development yet:

By my simple math, Thursday was a business day, as well as all day Friday.  Sure, I get that the WHL doesn't work on weekends, which is strange considering the majority of game action happens then, but who am I to judge, but they were to goddamned busy to write up a memo for two days?

Is this a joke?

All the scoresheet shows is 2 for interference - which generally isn't suspendable.  Many 'Hawk fans feel that the WHL is out to get us, and this won't help.  This is a developmental league for players, coaches, and front office staff.  Apparently this doesn't extend to the leadership group for the league, since this group would embarrass any organization they are involved with, especially the one they are running now.

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