Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bob Ridley: all time classic

Bob Ridley is awesome.  He's been calling Medicine Hat Tigers games on the radio since 1970.

The new barn in MH will feature the Bob Ridley Broadcast Booth.  He's called 3,000 Tigers games - and been recognized for that accomplishment.

He's a 2000 inductee to the Alberta Sports Hall Of Fame:

The elephant in the room?  The dude drives the Tigers bus.

I love interviews where they are all, "That's so cool when you used to drive the bus..."  "Well, I still do..."

I've only listened to a few of his calls, but they feel like a baseball game to me:  lots of great stories sprinkled in with play X play work.  He's a classic, for sure - and 'Hawks fans tuning into the webstream will be treated to a legend for this game.

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