Friday, November 1, 2013

Open letter to Neulion / WHL Live

Dear Neulion / WHL:

My beloved Portland Winterhawks are playing a game RIGHT NOW - as I write this.  Sure, I'd love to be able to watch the game, as I have a WHL live subscription, but that would be assuming that the damn thing works.

I've purchased the streaming package for several years now, so this is nothing new to me.  I have a fast machine & screamin' internet connection, so that's not an issue.  I watched my favorite NHL team win in OT just tonight, for example.

The streaming this season has been particularly bad.  My theory is that with the 'Hawks throwing in the road games as part of season tickets, the traffic is increased which further taxes the system.  This is not acceptable.

Perhaps its just me, as Neulion tech support has told me in the past.  Perhaps not:

anybody else getting tired of all these buffering issues...seemingly every frickin game

I have decided on an open letter to Neulion as a blog post
Funny how the feed was ok during pre-skate but went south to choppy and buffering when the game started - due to lots more people logging and other games I
Also, tried to chat online with them but after 15min I gave up
I have tried chatting with them online as well. They never answer
I got my away games as a part of my package with the Hawks. I'm mulling asking them to cancel the rest of it. Too hit and miss.
The access was part of my hawks package so I was thinking of sending a msg to hawks office pointing out that including this in the package is nice if it works. That said most of the time it does. Only last game the audio of the announcer was bad which may have been a feed from the venue

Are people watching whl live experiencing choppy buffering video feed??
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you also forgot to mention pixelated..
it's been fairly solid for the last 10 minutes or so
.... spoke too soon... buffering

Dylan Bumbarger, community blogger
anyone had better luck with the buffering?
no, after logging out and logging back in it had gotten better for a little bit, but its right back to a hot mess now.
Sounds like what I'm hoping to pick up at the casino after my sports watching/listening wraps up tonight! :-)
No, I've packed it in for now. Will try later.

Chad Balcom
I wonder how many more Portland fans watch the stream now that its part of season tickets, and if that extra usage could push the league to upgrade equipment
Yes on the first notion, no way this century on the 2nd.

So far, the video feed is a buffering mess, I missed the first goal! LOL
we just exited all the way out of the video and it is fine now-if you're still stuck it might be worth a try
I've done that twice, no joy so far

dang. I'm totally locked up still for video......

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