Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm hopping on the #canetrain

I'm now officially a fan of the Lethbridge Hurricanes.  I'm on the #canetrain.

Its goddamned tough sledding up there right now.  Things like this keep happening:

 They've even got NHL teams swinging hammers at 'em.

Man, we've been there.   I remember watching a good defenseman go from a +6 over parts of 3 years in Moose Jaw to a - 78 in two years here.  We had a dude get cut from this team 3 times, and kept fighting for a roster spot.  There was a time where the 'Hawks were 7 games into the season, and had scored goals in 3 of 'em.   How many teams have seen a 22 game losing streak?

After living through the dark ages of those years, I'd never wish that on my worst enemies.  Hell, I'm excited for Seattle to be doing well this year (so far, at least).  I've only lived in WHL country since 2005, and I can't remember the Hurricanes being good.  The only time I was excited to see them come to town focused solely on heckling Kyle Beach - as his Everett days rubbed me the wrong way.  I also gave it to Colton Seviour, "HEY - I SAW YOU GET BEAT UP ON YOUTUBE" - related to that same incident.  Lastly, I was real excited to heckle Luca Sbisa, who had just got sent down from the NHL.   Of course, we were fortunate enough to see both Sbisa & Beach share Rose Garden ice later on (which I would argue could have been the turing point for this franchise transforming them into a winner).

Lets get the goddamned 'Cane train back on track.  I love the community owned teams.  I love small markets.  Zach Boychuck, Bryce Salvador, & Brent Seabrook played for the 'Canes.  If it means trading a couple 16 or 17 year old promising forward prospects for Pilon, that ultimately help their cause - and I think the 'Hawks should make that sacrifice.

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