Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mike Aviani: guts

Mike Aviani is a warrior. He demonstrates the guts required to pull that Chiefs sweater over head every time he steps on the ice.   Not just any player could play second fiddle to Holmberg - but Aviani plays that role to perfection.   We just witnessed a profile in courage from #16 tonight.   In my opinion, Aviani tonight was right up there with Bobby Baun, or Paul Kariya.  Pure guts.  If you look closely, its apparent that de Champlain may have actually touched Aviani on this play:

Sadly, the Chiefs couldn't find a way to rally around their fallen teammate, who mustered up the strength to remain on the ice for the ensuing faceoff.  Bravo!

BONUS:  did Carter Proft bite Adam de Champlain in a fight?  You be the judge:

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