Sunday, December 15, 2013

Brendan Leipsic hit: you be the judge

Well, what's your take?  This is one of the occurrences in life where 10 of us can watch the same video, and come to 10 different conclusions.

I have Rose Garden colored glasses.  You probably do as well.

I saw this hit clearly in real time - if you were at the game you did as well.  The way Leipsic was getting knocked around all night, you knew he was gonna lose it - particularly on the shift that we are discussing.  Exactly 24 hours later, I still go back and forth on weather its more acceptable for a hockey play gone wrong to grow out of a split second decision, or for it to build over half a game, and at the end of a tough shift - "Oh yeah?  Watch this hit, you sons-a-bitches!" - kind of play.  At the same time that you can put yourself in the offenders skates, it makes hir actions premeditated:  #1st degree.

We have heroes & villains in hockey - that's pretty much the whole point.  Veteran hockey fans look past who is wearing the white cowboy hats VS who is wearing the black hats - and look at the bigger picture.

I would hate to have to stick up for Shinnimin in this league, or Kyle Beach causing a ruckus in Lethbridge.  On a personal note, I'm permanently scarred by the Bertuzzi vs Moore incident.  I've seen 'nucks fans ever since throw out stuff like, "broken neck is so harsh, when cracked vertebrae is much more accurate...." - I think they should have thrown out Bertuzzi for life - but I'm also a guy with an Avalanche tattoo.

If memory serves, Leipsic's been suspended for about 5 games, every year he's played.  They seem to be for similar hits:  big, open ice hits that send guys flying - and out of commission for a while.  I get that this guy is a pest, and opposition fans don't like him.  That's hockey - the most valuable guys are hated by every other team & fan base.

What happened this game is that Leipsic was getting knocked around like a goddamned pinball all night.  His last shift was particularly bad, with several incidences.  Anyone in our barn who's familiar with #28 saw this hit:  we all knew that he was gonna fly off of the handle and hit the first SOB he could line up - which was exactly what happened.  All of us passed up on who had the puck, and instead watched who Leipsic was gonna drill.  Is 15 seconds of intent more understandable than 1.5 seconds?

I still say that if Kolesar gets up, its either a 2 min charge, or no penalty at all.  Since he laid there in a heap, and didn't return, its automatic 5 + game.  Hopefully, he's good to go for Seattle's next game.

In this league, they tend to discipline to the result, rather than the intent / actions of the play.  Murder has to be dealt with differently than attempted murder - but I don't think that applies to hockey. 

The other aspect of this situation is how does the league react?  We know they work bankers hours, and with the 'Hawks scheduled for a Tuesday night game, we shouldn't expect any word from them until just prior 'till puck drop.  There's a cutoff to length of suspensions, to where they have to explain themselves - and they don't care to cross that line.  As much as Robinson wants to make an example out of one of the 'Hawks, they still love to work under the cloak of secrecy, and if a shorter suspension means staying under the radar, they'll do just that.  Otherwise, they'll grab the biggest hammer they can find.

Therefore, I believe it will be either 5 games, or 10 - nothing in between.

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