Thursday, March 28, 2013

Everett V Portland - Game 3

Lets start with the video highlights.

Scoresheet here.

The 'Tips strike first.  More or less a 3-on-2, with Rattie on the back check to pick up the trailer, and doesn't quite get there.  I suppose that's not why you pay him the big bucks, but you wonder if he could have done a better job to get back on that play.  Not a lot that Carruth could do on that play.

Now that Petan goal - we've seen that one a few times this season.  Nice cross ice pass: Leipsic hits him on the tape from the left faceoff dot to the right circle, and Petan gets the one-timer off they way he wanted to.  If I'm a 'Tips fan, I want to know how that pass was allowed to get across - looks like all 4 on the PK were in pretty tight, but 2 of 'em had just picked themselves up off of the ice - and they looked discombobulated.

Rattie burys a tic-tac-toe goal next.  I'm not sure if you can really fault any of the Silvertips on this goal: those three hockey players are just too damn good.  Petan brings the puck into the zone, and defenders begin to close.  Drops it to Leipsic, not in the best shooting position, dishes to Rattie who isn't going to miss that one very often.  2-1 'Hawks at that point.  Rattie has now scored goals in every game of the series.

Petan wires a wicked wrister top shelf.  I had to watch that one a few times to tell what happened: looks like its a combination of using the defenseman as a screen, a sneaky fast release on the shot, and picking the top corner, far side.  This kid is a 17 - he's going to be centering this top line for TWO MORE YEARS.

De Leo comes in hot - he's all the lone 'Tip back can handle.  At the last second, he dishes to Rutowski on the back side: wide open net from 3 feet out.  As has been the case to this point, Lotz being left out to dry.

De Leo again into the zone with a head of steam, and the D man on him thinks he's got it under control with a stick check, sweeping the puck into the corner.  All Chase does is find the puck, and hit Bjorkstrand in the slot for a beautiful goal.  No wonder Paul Buker wanted to do a story on De Leo.

End of the 2nd period.  Everett brings out Cotton to start the 3rd, giving Lotz a rest.  Makes a lot of sense - the game is 5-1 at this point - but this may have played a major role in this game.

At 6:25 of the 3rd, the 'Tips come into the 'Hawks zone on a rush.  Portland has guys hard on the backcheck, but for all intents and purposes this is a 2-on-1, and Winquist does a real nice job of using Rutowski as a screen and gets a wrist shot past Carruth.  Mac never even moved on the shot, which leads me to believe he didn't see it at all.

What got fans worried back in the Rose City was the goal 0:21 after - I think you have to give a ton of credit to Petryk for knocking down a routine Petan clearing pass from the right corner.  This allowed Petryk to hit Leedahl right in the slot who buried his chance.  You can't leave guys wide open in the slot, nor can you cough up the puck like that.  That being said, it just looked like an outstanding play from both 'Tips.

All the sudden its a two goal game - until the worst goal I've ever seen.  I've been watching the game religiously for 19 years.  That was the worst goal I've ever seen.  Pouliot just dumps it in from center red, and somehow it goes in.  Everett may have had something cooking at that point, and that goal just killed them.

The 'Hawks got the 7th goal (TOUCHDOWN!) on a powerplay - looked like the 1st goal, actually.  Bottom of the left circle to the right side hash mark, one timer, this time Petan setting up Leipsic.

Some are concerned with giving up 3 goals on 13 shots in this one - and 1 on 11 shots in game 2.  Carruth is currently sitting at  2.690 GAA /  .855 save  %.  I would argue that this series has been statistically flukey, as Mac has seen 55 shots through 3 games.  That's less than Lotz saw in game 1.  Its not like the low shot totals are because the 'Tips are pinned up in their own end - they are getting zone time, they are on powerplays and such.  They are going to get chances, and have capitalized 8 times so far.

Loosing game 1 may have been the best thing that could happen to this team.  You get some adversity early, get that sour taste of loosing.  Giving up those two quick goals in game 3 may also be some medicine that you needed to take.  Time will tell.

Looks like the O sent a reporter to the game - its almost like having a beat writer.  There's even a picture gallery!

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