Saturday, March 16, 2013

You should listen to Todd & Andy's postgame

Its getting to be that time of year where Todd Vrooman & Andy Kemper expand the radio coverage of the Portland Winterhawks.  They often add time to both pre and post-game shows, and bring in additional help - mostly Scooter - which is great.  There is a lot of tradition with this crew.

What to do if you attend the games, and you miss a good portion (or all) of the postgame show getting back to the car?  One effective method is to use your fancy phone.

I've had success with an app called Tune In.  I've ran it on the Android platform as well as on an iPhone.  This app streams the radio feed online - so its crystal clear.  The key to this operation is that there is some DVR features on there:  you can "rewind" up to 30 minutes of radio.  Right at the final buzzer, open up this app and set it to KPAM.  When you get to the car, plug 'er in and start the postgame over and listen on the way home.

If you were the type who has a radio and listens in real time, you could use this method to see what the other team's radio guys had to say about the game.  There's presets, and I know for a fact that you can load up virtually every other western conference's stations on there.

This is also a decent app to do pre-game, if you have some headphones or earbuds.  There's a delay, so you loose some of the last few moments right before faceoff - and its useless to listen during play.

Happy listening!

Bonus: a look at the early days of Todd on the mic

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