Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nic Petan: Heel Turn?

Kerry Eggers, who covers the Winterhawks on occasion, wrote this piece aptly titled "Winterhawks gearing up for WHL title run".  I for one, found a Nic Petan quote interesting - not your typical hockey response:

“We have a great chance,” Petan said. “In the playoffs, there are no nights off. You lose and you’re out, right? So you have to come in prepared.
I know we are the best team in the league, for sure. We’re the most skilled team offensively and defensively. We have speed, a veteran goalie, veteran guys everywhere. Our biggest thing is our hard work. We’re the hardest-working team in the league.” 

Seems to me that we've seen many developments over the season (and the few seasons prior) which the Winterhawks are the heels (in wrestling terms) - the villains - the guys with the black hats.  I'd add this quote from the WHL's current leading scorer to that list.

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