Thursday, March 21, 2013

Seth Jones: spotlight on one shift

Seth Jones has had lots of hype for quite a while, and after watching a full season in the WHL - I think its warranted. 

Lets focus on one shift of the 72 game season.  This is from a game that was meaningless for the 'Hawks, as they already had the regular season championship tied up.  Seattle had playoff positioning to play for, and they played pretty well.

At 3:05 of the 3rd period, the Winterhawks found themselves killing off a lengthy 5-on-3, with their best PK forward in the box.  Early in the shift, Jones took a shot which dropped him.  This kid is so smart, he simply altered his PK strategy to match his limited mobility.

The Thunderbirds held the puck in the zone long enough, that Jones was back on two legs by the end of the shift, but it still jumps out how he was as good on one leg as most guys are on two.

I formally apologize for the video quality - its pretty spotty streaming these games in the first place, then a sketchy screen capture operation, with the hat trick of youtube compression - but here it is.

Watch #3 in white:

Kid is good.  He's gonna look real good in an Avalanche sweater next season.

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