Monday, March 11, 2013

Patrick Wiercioch got beat up

Patrick Wiercioch is a name that brings certain feelings when I see it come up.  Mostly, frustration with his choice to go NCAA rather than WHL.  

The Medicine Hat Tigers invested a 2nd round bantam pick (#38th overall).  Then, the Winterhawks felt like trading some dude named Michael Sauer for Wiercioch.

Now, I've never seen any quotes from the player about why he chose the route that he did, but perhaps that college degree was important to him.  I'm not sure that 2 years of school gets you much, but what do I know?  He certainly didn't learn how to fight, as we found out tonight.  When you have an instigator penalty AND zero punches thrown - you just kind of look dumb.

Then again, if I'm going to be bitter about everything that went wrong during the Goldsmith/Donovan era, that's a lot of crap to wade through.

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