Saturday, March 9, 2013

Winterhawks VS The Pipeline Show

The Pipeline Show is a twice weekly show on 1260 AM in Edmonton, AB.  I think its a pretty good show, and I listen to every episode.  They cover the CHL, as well as NCAA hockey.  They have a blog, too.

They led off their 2/11/2013 show talking about how they wanted to interview Nic Petan, but weren't given the opportunity:

(I isolated the relevant piece for that youtube: the whole segment is here)

There's been lots of discussion weather the Winterhawks are being petty by restricting access to the leading draft eligible scorer in the entire CHL.

Here's the Pipeline Show's coverage of the initial accusations - you decide if any of the offenses mentioned were what the Winterhawks were found guilty of:

(full segment here)

Pipeline Show blog post here

This might be a good time to check what the offenses Portland was found guilty of.  Here is the Winterhawks statement

The WHL's statement is right here.

While the WHL didn't want any sort of transparency whatsoever, Ron Robison was drawn into some interviews:

(full segment here)

Pipeline Show blog post here

You be the judge:  are the Winterhawks justified being upset with the Pipeline Show?

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