Saturday, March 16, 2013

What kind of guy throws punches from the bench?

 Just another Thunderbirds / Winterhawks game on a Friday night.

Thanks to the Joe Mahon Fan Club for this image:

What did it look like on video, you ask?

 As of this posting, there is nothing in supplemental discipline listed, but we all know how this league is run.....

That Jesse Forsberg - 'Hawks fan favorite. Many of us wondered who would become the next Kyle Beach or Brendan Shinnimin and find a way into fans hearts, and right now its looking like Forsberg:

Gotta love that exit.  Pretty interesting getting the color from the bench prior to this one - indicating that the 'Hawks weren't interested in this sort of thing at this stage of the game.  Its nice having a TV feed.

Also, is such a good resource - they do a bang up job over there.

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